We offer first step consultancy to clients who are planning to build a facility in China for the first time

  • Building location evaluation and careful selection; province, city, zones

  • Research of land prices and offer comparison to clients according to their needs

  • Plan and organize first visits to China to help to explore potential opportunities

  • Assist in finding suitable and reliable design, project management and construction partners.

All services offered as Client Representative during project management are available as smaller, separate packages

  • WSE represents each and every client with its unique and solid experience in the Chinese construction business. Be it pricing, design or production layout review, we manage local constructions and LDI’s to abide local regulations while enforcing client requirements.

  • During construction we are able to oversee the general contractors as well as to adjust technical solutions to improve the overall product quality. Without local experience (and language skills) this step would be difficult to follow as local general contractors adhere to different quality standards than the West.

  • During the whole process of the construction we enforce quality, standards, efficiency and at WSE we proactively resolve any problem that may arise.

  • We offer value added solutions in relation to design and material selection, as well as cost savings by using alternative, local, high quality materials.

  • We assist with claim management during the construction.

A good design is the basis for successful project:

Quality and budgeting can be best controlled with a good design for both options design-built or design-to-built

  • Preliminary design prior to bidding

  • Design reviews for design done by LDI’s

  • Design review before tendering

  • Oversee the design process of the general contractor

  • Design consultancy prior to LDI is contracted or while LDI is preparing the design.

Finding the right partners for your construction project is a key element for successful completion.

Understanding the exact content of the office offers provided is the basis for negotiation.

  • WSE assists the pre-qualification of contractors

  • Independent evaluation of bidding documents from potential contractors in regards of pricing, quantities and material selection.

Once a company has a production facility in China, the focus shifts to refurbishment and renovation.

  • Troubleshooting for pre-existing construction deficiencies

  • Equipment installation and modification

  • Re-design for office and production space