MDC Daetwyler (China) Co., Ltd.

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Minhang, Shanghai Province

Brief Description

MDC Daetwyler is a tenant of Wandfluh in Minhang. Wandfluh did build a new 4 stories production building and Daetwyler was  entitled to change the design for their rental areas according to their requirements. For their production MDC requires a fully climate controlled workshop 24/7.

After the Project had been handed over to Wandfluh the moving of the equipment of MDC had to be coordinated including the set up of all the equipment in the new facility.


March 2014 – estimated November 2015

Work Scope
  • Design Review of the Design provided by the General Contractor
  • Tender Consultancy for General Contractor in cooperation with Wandfluh
  • Construction Consultancy in cooperation appointed Project
    Management Company of Wandfluh
  • Claim Management for Claims related to MDC
  • Producion Design Management and Procurment Management of
  • Equipment
  • Schedule Management for the Equipment Installation